A word from Evagrius ...

Identifying, understanding and defeating temptation has piqued the interest of theologians for centuries. One such theologian was Evagrius Ponticus. He carefully and systematically analyzed the subject of temptation, and his subsequent insights have significantly influenced subsequent generations of scholarship.

Please note that this site does not attempt to comprehensively reproduce the teachings of Evagrius. If you are looking for online editions of texts written by Evagrius or relevant academic articles, please visit the "links" (will be posted soon).

I am simply sharing my own journey through his writings in the hope that this material will help you better understand your own spiritual strengths and weaknesses. As you grow in these areas, you will better understand the steps you can take to consistently achieve spiritual victories. May this material help you to be more like Christ.

Here's a recommended reading sequence:

Introduction ...
  1. Foundational Principles
  2. The Enemies of Godliness
The Eight Dangerous Thoughts ...
  1. Introduction to the Patterns
  2. Pattern: Gluttony
  3. Pattern: Lust
  4. Pattern: Greed
  5. Pattern: Sadness
  6. Pattern: Anger
  7. Pattern: Acedia
  8. Pattern: Vainglory
  9. Pattern: Pride
Victory ...
Supplements ...
PITscan ...
  1. PITscan Diagnostic Tool

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